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  • Architecture (Web) Application
  • Integration API & Web Services

Consultancy Development Software

Research, Consultancy and Agile or Entrepreneurial IT Project management services to assist software development in its all facets.
Study and insight of systems include system integrity, security, assessment code (code review), writing clean code, refactoring, design or design choices, adaptation of working method, interview software developer, support team leaders.

Information and Business Analyst included Business Analysis Framework with knowledge, practical techniques, accurate acquisition of business requirements through established concepts.
Solution Architect for both business process improvement and for a major IT transformation.

Develop your application with the knowledge of best practices, acquired professionalism through seniority with 15+ years of experience.

Architecture (Web) Application

Realize your vision within the appropriate budget. API & Integration development services of Webist is focused on maximum profit and continuity for its customers.

API Designer en Integration Specialist for all your digital platform integration such as internal Software, Web Services, Web Portal and other cloud services.
Web Integrator, Digital Agency, Online Marketing, Marketing and Communication agencies are partners with whom we eventually enter into an association and collaborate.

We apply consistently high discipline software development techniques with Callable content delivery framework. Callable codebase is the result of implementations of continuous improvements and innovations. Ideal for both simple and technically complex IT projects.


Integration API & Web Services

Innovative modules of digital product WebTrade enable web integration via data exchange services such as API, Web Service, (Web) Socket, Data Feed.

Integration with many data exchange service platforms is handled via an uniform object model. This well-designed API & Data Service Integration Model speeds up interactive automation and saves costs.
API coupling is excellent including for market places, finance and trading platforms, ad platforms, social media platforms, IoT, Blockchain's.

Modules of WebTrade are in addition trade and commerce, online marketing, integral accounting.

WebTrade is under development and it is a promising innovative technology.

WebTrade - White paper

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About us

Consultancy Development Software, Architecture (Web) Application, Integration API & Web Services, IT Business Analysis Framework, Content Delivery Framework.

Software Architecture is our passion and profession.
Experience with developing APIs, such as REST, and in-house content delivery framework makes Webist an outstanding integration specialist.
Web Integrator, Application Development Consultant on professional level research, strategy, working methods IT project.
Automating interactivity and solving complex processes is where Webist is good at it.
We are experts in the development of a reliable digital platform.

Work method:

  • Governance Business Logic
    Logic of structuring interests and organizing processes & relationships.
  • Architecture
    Abstract and / or Interactive Model.
  • Development Relational Process
    Operational development, enabling the communication with services and resources.
  • Clean Code Programming
    Functionally focused, elegant, easy to read semantic without duplication.

Application Development Consultancy services through workshops, meet-ups, conferences, seminars and other occasions on location.


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