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Consultancy Application Development

Optimal #IT Project management involves obtaining study and understanding of business.

Focus on the specification of requirements followed with #practical techniques and advice thereof.

Advice on efficiency through digitization for a company or a project.

Interactive Web Solutions

Automation #online marketing through integrations with Social Media, Ad and Webshop platforms.

Robotisation of internal administration via integrations with institutions such as #financial service providers.

Development and implementation of automation or robotisation.

Web Service & Software API integrations

A progressive unity in effect.

Interactive organized logic for every case, we realize this with #Callable Code.

Innovation updates software and integrations.

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About us

Software Development Agency

Webist makes use of Content Delivery Framework.

The development model is MOM. Initial version of MOM white paper is freely available to the public

The framework is free from imitation of code, concept, architecture, licence, copy rights or third party or external resources.
In fact, Webist has documented argumentation's which disapproves the development concepts such as SOLID principle, Event Sourcing.

Software code of the framework is most secure. It is fully developed under the supervision of in-house craftsmanship.
It has internal security token and firewall implementations such as request method filters and document expiration.
It is designed to operate on out of ordinary secure OS environments where the functionality such as proc_open, allow_fopen_url can be disabled.

A process cycle, such as fetching data from various resources and storing into database,
utilizes low memory footprint, total memory usage (including platform language) is between 600KB to 1.4MB. This economical energy usage and efficient utilization of server capacity made possible by high discipline code techniques.

Any application service within the framework supports by architecture both CLI (command line) and HTTP Web Browser user interfaces.
An existing feature is by default ready-to-integrate either by Web services or by API integration.
There is no need to develop specific adapters for it. In other words there is no "console" module, the system itself is a console.

Web documents (HTML) and HTTP request-response layer are fully separate. Which allows to use any front-end theme at choice.
HTTP layer is by default cookie free.
URL resolver with server-side logic redirection.
This means that, for example, a browser can be redirected without first sending a location indication in the header.

Multiple project builds within single codebase, it does not matter whether a project only concerns backend or with an HTTP layer (a website). For example, website documents are placed in the public, site/View folders.
From these documents a 'Result-Set Delivery Engine' can be optionally called.
This technique prevents code duplication, promotes code reuse and efficient scaling.

Generic used services, also called packages, are including Automator (thread forking), Authentication & Authorisation, Storage, Mail, REST Client, REST Server.


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